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ABC Services and Progressive Technology Group Merge to Better Serve the IBM Power Systems Market

Our Advantage

Progressive Technology Group (PTG) recognizes the importance of being able to offer clients a total solution – hardware, software and services. We are committed to providing our clients with the components to build a reliable, scalable and secure IT infrastructure.  Whether you are planning to design a new Enterprise Network or expect to upgrade your installed hardware, you will find that tapping into our staff of experienced professionals will enhance the cost effectiveness of your server solution.

With years of expertise in both platform and application solutions, PTG delivers software and services, reflecting a broad range of technology and business practices while offering a single point of accountability.  The result is end-to-end delivery and support of a comprehensive set of solutions and services that allows you to achieve immediate, significant returns and enable successful and sustained growth.

With strong business consulting, technical and industry expertise, PTG professionals are positioned to deliver leading solutions and services to maximize your technology investments.

David Yarm